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APA 6th Edition Referencing: Home


This guide has been made with the kind permision of UNITEC Institute of Technology New Zealand.

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Staff and students  are responsible for acknowledging the sources used when writing research articles, books, assignments and projects. You must acknowledge what you have read in order to avoid plagiarism, and so that:

  • readers of your work can find the original sources you used
  • the authors of the original sources you used are given credit for their work
  • your own research and ideas are clearly evident and you are given credit for your work
  • your work has credibility in the larger realm of scholarly knowledge

There are two parts to acknowledging another's work within your own:

  1. You use an in text citation in the main body of your work that has some brief information about the source.
  2. You provide the complete information about the source at the end of your work in the form of a list of references or bibliography.

The way in which these two parts are laid out is determined by a bibliographic style. Each department at Unitec requires you to use a particular style for citations and references. Your department may have their own handbook that you can use as a guide.

The most common styles and some examples of citations and references are found in this guide. The library has a number of published style guides available in the Reference Collection and some Unitec departments produce style booklets.

If you require more help with referencing than this guide can provide please contact Te Puna Ako on ext 8611. 

This guide has been created with permission from  Unitec Institute of Technology Aukland NZ